Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Struggle

 This is the first work of a series I plan to start up. About life and its Problems breaking you down to your muscle, and accepting failure is the pursuance of better work. So I want to tie in the  human muscle and the awareness of someone trying to achieve their goals in life. with goals comes struggle, I guess thats the word im looking for.. I want to show the struggle of life.

The Struggle: done in Ball point pen and acrylic paint

Feels Great to be back!!

Havent been keeping this up to date but im uploading some of my work that i finished awhile ago. Also a new piece that i finished last week that is going to be a series and im currently working on another series! (not uploading that pic til finished!)  im very excited to talk to CCAD about it on studio day when they review my portfolio.

Pipeline:  Done in Pencil

Drunk Calling: done in Charcoal