Tuesday, October 4, 2011

UPDATE! pics in progress and other works on the way!

I've been working on these two digital paintings for awhile, they are not finished!.But i've slowed down on digital and got back to making some pencil, and charcoal reduction drawings. im currently doing a wine bottle still life, thats in charcoal. and then pipes on a wall, with a  weird mannequin below it. Its going to be a two piece project and im using pencil.  

The monkey drawing is still in progress.  Im naming it Banana King ^.^ lol. Im going to have him in the jungle looking out at something.. but a river in the background and what not. im pretty excited to finish it. Also i may have what hes looking at reflected in his binoculars

This is another digital painting im working on in photoshop. its almost done. i just did to touch it put and make it brighter. also may put something else in it. This woman that reviewed my portfolio said i should start painting realistic backgrounds and throw in some of my characters..so i've kept that in mind and may actually do it!!

Any tips or suggestions would be awesome!