Saturday, December 10, 2011

Squash & stretch Practice! + Ed, Edd, N Eddy squash

Just doing a few practice sketches to get a feel of squash and stretch more and how it was used in "ed, edd, n eddy" The animators in that show do an awesome job showing that off. So I thought it was a good pick to draw and use as reference for my Banana King character. I have recently done some digital painting sketches of expressions for that character and will be posting the process from sketches to finished digital sketches when the page is filled up. So I plan to post a few pages in the near future

Sunday, December 4, 2011


 3 hour still life painting in Photoshop 

   So this morning I attended studio day at CCAD and got to pick my top 3 electives. Animation was my first, but I didn't get the spot. so digital painting was my second. They had a still life set up so everyone that attended got to draw on the cintiq's. The class was 3 hours so this is what  I got done within that time frame.
  the "professor" lol nice saying that word, told us to draw over the picture.. even though we are looking at it. So I didnt understand that part but I went along with it. All and all it was an awesome time! I got free lunch and they reviewed my portfolio so it was a great opportunity. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Struggle

 This is the first work of a series I plan to start up. About life and its Problems breaking you down to your muscle, and accepting failure is the pursuance of better work. So I want to tie in the  human muscle and the awareness of someone trying to achieve their goals in life. with goals comes struggle, I guess thats the word im looking for.. I want to show the struggle of life.

The Struggle: done in Ball point pen and acrylic paint

Feels Great to be back!!

Havent been keeping this up to date but im uploading some of my work that i finished awhile ago. Also a new piece that i finished last week that is going to be a series and im currently working on another series! (not uploading that pic til finished!)  im very excited to talk to CCAD about it on studio day when they review my portfolio.

Pipeline:  Done in Pencil

Drunk Calling: done in Charcoal

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Artist struggling and avoiding distractions blog & update on my artwork!

I will be uploading a pic of my Pipe line drawing. i've been working on it for about a month b/c of time. But its finally done! so im going to post that up tomorrow, and an update on Banana King and other projects!

Below is my other blog site, this is my most resent post. I manly talk about advise and motivation.
check it out!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pipes In progress!

One of my current projects. I'm working with pencil, I'm trying to practice more at observation and life drawing! Tell me what you think

Thursday, October 13, 2011

drunk dialing

  Charcoal Reduction still life. I had a telephone in the picture but I had to erase it..again lol. I will be working on this soon to get it done!
  Also tomorrow I will take a picture of these pipes that im drawing. Its located at my school in the garage, they are pretty interesting. the workspace is awesome! Im thinking about drawing my workspace.. but we will see.

Cool Beans!

                                                    In progress!

  This was a side project that got a little out of hand.. haha. i didn't plan to make it a full on
illustration. I like the idea! so im going with it. Im still working on the legs... cant figure
out what im about to do. soo looks like there is going to be another blog post about legs
  and feet! gotta get my practice on lol.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

UPDATE! pics in progress and other works on the way!

I've been working on these two digital paintings for awhile, they are not finished!.But i've slowed down on digital and got back to making some pencil, and charcoal reduction drawings. im currently doing a wine bottle still life, thats in charcoal. and then pipes on a wall, with a  weird mannequin below it. Its going to be a two piece project and im using pencil.  

The monkey drawing is still in progress.  Im naming it Banana King ^.^ lol. Im going to have him in the jungle looking out at something.. but a river in the background and what not. im pretty excited to finish it. Also i may have what hes looking at reflected in his binoculars

This is another digital painting im working on in photoshop. its almost done. i just did to touch it put and make it brighter. also may put something else in it. This woman that reviewed my portfolio said i should start painting realistic backgrounds and throw in some of my i've kept that in mind and may actually do it!!

Any tips or suggestions would be awesome!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Illustrations in progress!

This is some of my artwork that i have been working on in photoshop.. im still in progress as you can see! but i cant wait until they are all finished! ^.^

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life line

A illustration i was doing for the Red Cross but soon decided it didn't meet what they wanted but i wanted to finish my idea anywayss! ^.^ tell me what you think!

created in: photoshop cs5